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Who am I?



     I'm licensed in Veterinary Medicine, working in a City hall. I was born in Lisbon but I went to Angola with four years of age where I lived 26 years in the interior. Those skies without luminous pollution were a stimulus. When I saw the moon for the first time in a refractor of the geographical services when I was pricked by the astronomy (at seven years).


I made my first mirror 150 mm f/8 with a kit of Edmund. Starting from there I build a 100 mm f/4.5; a 200 mm f/5.6 and a 250 mm f/6. Very recently I build an observatory in the terrace of my house. It is a geodesic dome inspired in one article of Sky & Telescope October 94. I finish a CB245 and presently I possess a LX 50 10", a Meade ETX, a Konus 80mm and a Great Polaris DX of Vixen motorized with the Dual-axis Controller DD-1.

 I intend to do some traditional astrophotography and also CCC Imaging. In the visual observation I'm interested in planets, occultations and transits Jupiter satellites and, stars by asteroids.

Recently I acquired CTC (The COAA Telescope Controller) to work with Vixen.

It is of a great precision and a very accessible price being worth the investment.